Meet Our Team

Cleaver Haley LLP has a team of exceptional and results-driven leaders who love to work with our growing clientele. Our team is eager to learn, open to new ideas and technologies and adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment. Read below to learn more about our exceptional team.


Nicola  Cleaver - Senior Partner
Civil & Commercial Mediator
SEND Accredited Mediator 
Ba (Hons) Law & Criminology, MSc Criminal Justice,
PhD Social Sciences

07825 500577

Nicola is a qualified and experienced mediator. Having worked in Criminal Law for more than 13 years, Nicola has a unique insight into the stressful nature of contentious litigation. Nicola is very much accustomed to legal procedure, policy and practice. Aside from the formalities of the criminal justice process she is well acquainted

with negotiating on behalf of her clients to achieve the best possible outcome. Although Nicola has chosen to step away from her criminal practice, her transferable skills are perfectly suited to Mediation. Due to her experience and academic


achievements Nicola has unparalleled experience when it comes to analysing evidence, understanding instructions and advising clients as well as document drafting and liaising with multi agency bodies. Nicola has assisted a significant number of clients in a full array of settings from the comfort of an office, to the uncomfortable surroundings of the Crown & County court right through to the unenviable position of a prison cell. Her ability to remain calm, clear and consistent in stressful
situations is well suited to mediation.

Aside from her academic achievements, Nicola has excellent interpersonal skills, showing empathy, understanding and patience. Nicola possesses the unwavering determination, skill and emotional intelligence one would expect from an accomplished mediator.

Nicolas mediation practice consists largely of civil and commercial matters, typically covering breach of contract, negligence, contested will & probate matters and housing possessions. Nicola has recently been included in a Ministry of Justice scheme for possession orders currently progressing through HMCTS. Nicola has also developed particular interest in Special Educational Needs & Disability Mediation before Tribunal.


Beth Haley - Senior Partner 

Civil & Commercial Mediator

Workplace & Employment Mediator 



07810 806001

Beth is a fully qualified and accredited Mediator who is available to undertake a full range of mediation work including civil, commercial and employment disputes. Beth has a particular interest and experience in Workplace disputes and has worked for some time in senior and regional management roles.  Beth has also practiced as a workplace counsellor and utilises a bespoke person-centred approach to each individual case.

Beth is a member of the College of Mediators, Society of Mediators and the Restorative Justice Council. 

Beth's view is that mediation has a firm place in the future due it efficient nature and its flexibility in terms of cost effectiveness. Mediation provides mutually beneficial outcome to all participants. She speaks plainly and avoids unnecessary jargon, her style is engaging, approachable and focused on problem solving. Beth is particularly adept at modelling compassion and empathy when situations are emotionally charged and offers a calm and consistent platform for progress. 

Beth and Nicola are a powerful resource when working together in co-mediations. This can be particularly useful when situations are complex and highly charged. 


 Francis Mwangi - Mediator 

Civil & Commercial Mediation

Francis is a fully qualified Civil & Commercial mediator. Francis has over 20 years experience working in Local Government, in particular within Health and Social Quality Assurance. Francis is a qualified social worker and has gained exceptional skills in active listening, communicating and critical thinking. Francis also benefits from a Masters degree in Business Administration, providing him with the required leadership skills to constantly evolve in this dynamic and creative environment. A committed and motivated self starter with proven collaborative abilities, Francis not only impresses as a sole mediator, but works extremely well with Nicola & Beth in more complex cases requiring co-mediation. 

Francis is a true professional who actively takes responsibility for the organisations performance and is instrumental in achieving goals and objectives. 


Eve Randall

Accredited Mediator

Eve recently qualified as an accredited Mediator who is available to undertake a full range of mediation work including civil, commercial and employment disputes.

Eve believes that mediation has the power to be the most beneficial way to finding a solution due to its timely manner and the assurance of confidentiality.  She is passionate about facilitating discussions by showing compassion, whilst maintaining a calm environment that is mutually beneficial to all participants. 

Eve's extensive history of interpersonal skills has given her a strong understanding that mediation's may be charged with high and intense emotions, but she has the ability to remain calm and consistent.